Nidhi Menon

PhD candidate in the Translational Biology, Medicine and Health program at Virginia Tech, with a background in biological systems engineering and biotechnology (Purdue University). My research in the lab of Dr. Caroline N. Jones entails the engineering and evaluating of biomedical platforms to quantify interactions and molecular profiles of primary cancer cells and immune cells for diagnostic and prognostic purposes. Specific studies in the Jones lab include 1) Engineering and characterizing 3D tumor microenvironments for cell culture, 2) Designing microfluidic chips to study tumor and immune cell interactions in vitro, and 3) Developing novel analytical methods for on-chip, real-time biosensing. Aside from these, I have also collaborated on projects looking into 1) The influence of low-intensity electric fields for iontophoretic delivery of carboplatin in 3D tumor models, 2) Quantifying host-pathogen interactions on-chip, 3) Screening novel fungal extracts for anticancer properties, and 4) Innate immune function of airway epithelial cells in response to fungal exposure.